HJC Extreme Winter Snow Boots


This pair of boots are big, black and kind of look like what you could imagine Darth Vader wearing on a winter sports vacation. But whilst they may not be the most eye catching design in the world, they certainly pack in a whole heap of useful features.

First and foremost is the removable Thermolite fleece liner. It provides enough insulation for these boots to be rated for wear in temperatures as low as -68F, whilst the fact they are removable makes for easy cleaning. Turning to the outer materials and we have a durable synthetic leather upper with rugged plastic soles. There are also built in toe caps for a little extra protection and the boots are either waterproof (lower section) or water resistant (uppers).

The soles have chunky, “Chisel-Tooth” style tread for great grip, whilst the laces run full length for a tight and secure fit. With a price tag of around a hundred bucks, they are from the lower end of the price range, but they are still bursting with useful features.