Hoist-A-Top Jeep Top Removal System


Everyone loves the Lange Originals Power Hoist as their best ceiling hoist in the entire universe. This product stands out from many competing brands via its heavy-duty build and durable construction. Formerly designed as a 014-210 model, this newer version features new, innovative technologies that come together to make use very simple and straightforward. Using this unit is very easy, and it requires only the touch of a button. With such secure operations, you can easily remove and store your jeep JK Wrangler’s hardtop at any time.

Installation of the Lange Originals elevator doesn’t require the use of drills for attachment or installation. The lack of such a need reduces the investment a user will make into the power hoist. To allow you to store and lift your hardtop with the rear window closed, this power hoist system uses the rear Smart Hook feature, a patented design. The use of this system means no more strained backs, pinched fingers, or damaged tops.