Holdcy Sunglass Holder for Cars


The HOLDCY Car Glasses Sun Visor Clip Holder offers a suitable solution for those expensive, designer sunglasses that need to be securely kept out of the way when driving. Most times, the price tag on a pair of sunglasses really doesn’t matter; reliable, comfortable sunglasses that shield the eyes from the sun and improve the general outlook are priceless. When driving, it may be a bit reckless to leave them lying on the dashboard or stored away in the cup holder. The frequent lunges back and forth may end up denting or scraping on the material. If it’s  plastic pair, those unattractive peel spots would begin to grow larger and larger until it becomes unsuitable to put those particular pairs on.

This solid sunglasses storage box is a one-fix solution for this challenge, it doesn’t just hold the pair up and out of view, but securely closes it in for a safe and secure ride. The cushioned interior walls on the side of the frame are well protected within the box without concerns of scratches. They equally ensure that when the glasses lie in the car overtime, they are not prone to dust or other particles. Clip this luxury sunglass case to the visor on the preferred side and enjoy the locked-in safety it guarantees.