Homegear X300 Pro Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner


So far we’ve had models that are built for mobility, and models that were a mixture of mobility and power, but now, with our second entry from McCulloch we have a product that is all about the power. The first thing you will notice is that this is an upright, canister design of steam cleaner.

On the one hand, that provides a little extra mobility for what is a pretty large product. The handle and the oversize wheels make it easy to move around. It frankly needs that ease of movement mainly to help you lug around the huge 64 Oz. internal water tank. That tank makes this bad boy very heavy, but it also gives it phenomenal spraying endurance of up to 120 minutes (2 hours!)

It’s also spraying out high quality steam here too, with an incredible pressure of up to 58psi. With the wide-ranging accessories kit you can attach a Nylon brush head for real deep cleaning on the vehicle interior, or go with the nozzle for direct steam powerful enough to lift caked on dirt and grime from just about surface.

Again, it’s not cheap with a price tag of about 200 bucks. Again however you are getting an awful lot of high quality steam cleaner for your money.