Hominize Sunglass Holder for Cars


An equally affordable option for safely storing your sunglasses in the car when not in use. It’s cool to drive wearing a set of your favourite sun shades, however it’s not always convenient, safe or comfortable. Instead of tossing them in the cup holder, alternatively try these premium quality Sunglass Clip for Car Visors. One set includes two clip holders with the viable ability to keep sunglasses in place on the go. The simplistic design keeps one pair of sunglasses securely in place eliminating the probability of harmful falls, scratches, dents and the likes. The smooth and indented design keeps sunglasses locked in a secure grip, so even when the brakes are applied suddenly, or the road gets bumpy, the glasses stay securely in place.

Featuring a hook design, the clip holder can be fixed on the car visor or the air vent systems. Both ways, the glasses stay securely in place with enough room to avoid abrasion. It’s equally made with quality materials that ensure the form is sleek, smooth, shiny and durable. Designed with universality in mind, this sunglass holder for car visors and vents suitably fits in almost all car types. With easy access and simple operation to benefit from, enjoy the convenience these cool clip holders provide.