Hopkins Towing Solutions Digital Electronic Brake Control


We finish up with the third entry from Tekonsha, and one of the more feature-packed models to make the list. That does mean we have a higher price tag, however. What do you get for the price?

Well, a lot of useful features. For one thing it can handle four braking axles, an upgrade in capacity compared to many other models of trailer brake control on the market. In addition, you have a lovely bright screen with blue numbers. That doesn’t really make much difference, it’s just a bit of change from the usual red. That screen also gives back a huge amount of real-time diagnostic information, making it easy to monitor your electrical and braking systems.

It’s not cheap, but it is packing a lot of cool features. It doesn’t really have any standout, killer feature but it also doesn’t have any real weaknesses, either. It’s essentially an upper mid-range product with an upper mid-range price tag that does exactly what it says it will on the box.