HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive


Fully licensed by Microsoft, this is a viable option for the avid racer/gamer. It brings to the table a certain quality that cannot be found elsewhere. The HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive is your one-stop destination to authentic racing and highly customizable options. It combines top-notch build and set up with a wide range of customizable options for gamers. Though it is solely compatible with XBOX one, it offers up a wide range of features that make it completely worth it. This full-size racing wheel has a 270-degree turn ratio that happens to be totally programmable and customizable. So, in the case that 270 degrees does not work for you, best believe that it can be tweaked.

Among some other customizable attributes are the dead zone as well as pedal sensitivity. The wheel can easily be clamped to your desk, table or racing wheel stand. This is all thanks to the accompanying clamps and steel parts. All in all, every aspect of this video gaming steering wheel happens to be incredibly responsive and works seamlessly to offer up a wholesome experience.