Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost


They call it the diesel bugs and if you think your car has some of these nasty contaminants you’ll definitely want to pour into your fuel system the Biobor JF diesel fuel treatment. It’s designed specifically to kill bacteria, algae, and fungi that may already be present in your fuel tank. And if there are none of these bugs yet, then the Biobor JF will make sure that none will ever find their way into your fuel tank and wreak havoc in your engine.

It has a highly concentrated formulation, too. A single 16-oz container is good to effectively treat 1,280 gallons, making it one of the best diesel additives for individuals with problematic, germ-laden fuel tanks. The other good news is that the Biobor JF doesn’t limit its bug-killing capabilities to diesel engines of cars. It can also be used on almost anything that is powered by a diesel engine. Boats, farm equipment, and even heavy machinery can all benefit from the engine additives provided by Hammonds.