Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack


This is the set for you if you’re looking to start a personal collection of some of the world’s greatest toy cars for toddlers and older kids. Packed with a truckload of fun, the Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift pack is a toy set admired greatly by collectors and car enthusiasts all over the globe. They can’t seem to get enough of these fantastic 1:64 scale vehicles, as they endlessly hold them in reverence and fondness. Adults love them, and kids adore them. They are the perfect gift for all ages, provided they love cars! With this gift pack, you can enjoy a pure push around play or use it together with a track set. Twenty cars in a single game offer all users with twenty exciting adventures and hundreds of new stories to develop. It’s twenty times the fun of a single vehicle!

Before opening, you get to have a preview of your cars thanks to the open window packaging utilized. All electric toy cars in each set are unique in their way, coming in various colors with several classic d├ęcor patterns and designs. Get this item as a gift for your kid, or your inner child, and explore the world of racing in all its beauty and variety.