Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set


The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Set is a super fun baby toys car set purchased by parents all around the world to help rev up their children’s curiosity and problem-solving skills. Right out of its box this toy is set for an intense play time with your child which will leave your little one excited and content. Included in the package is particular Hot Wheels vehicle crafted for your child’s next best racing adventure, wherever it may be. Keep the competition exciting and engaging with challenging hairpin turns, intersections, motorized boosters, and a great crash zone.

This toy set features a car feeder and four intersecting crash zones for a high-octane and equally challenging game action. Racers can let their Hot Wheel cars rip for total wipe-outs or near misses after lining them up. This game is unique as it helps unlock imaginative play from the minds of your children. The thrills received from the crash-and-bash- activities in the game help unleash an excitement you can only gain from storytelling. For easy and convenient storage, this toy set features plenty of parking spaces.