Howes Diesel Treat Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel


If you own a vehicle that has common rail direct fuel injection system this diesel additive from Power Service should easily maintain that high-performance output of your engine. Its formulation increases the cetane rating of the fuel you put into your tank by as much as 6 points, way better than most diesel fuel treatments in the market.

Diesel Kleen features the SlickDiesel technology that gives your engine and fuel system components the much-needed cleaning and lubrication they need. The mileage improvement can also easily translate into better savings by as much as 8%. When compared to other diesel treatment formulations, however, the Diesel Kleen comes out as less concentrated as a full 80-ounce container can only manage to treat 250 gallons. This is 10 times less concentrated than the Archoil diesel fuel additive. Nevertheless, with improvements in all aspects of your diesel engine performance plus a price that is very friendly on the pocket, the Diesel Kleen still makes for the best diesel fuel additive.