Hugger Glove Company Men’s Water Resistant Driving Glove’s-water-resistant-driving-glove.jpg


Hugger Glove Company uses goat leather to make these gloves. This brings a number of advantages over cow leather, but the stand out has to be that these gloves can more easily stand up to water compared to traditional cow leather gloves.

These are marketed as water resistant, a feature you don’t often see with leather gloves. The Hugger Glove Company even goes so far as to claim that these gloves will dry soft “like butter” if they get wet. Drying like butter is not a metaphor we’re familiar with here at Car Bibles, but the manufacturer seems confident in its abilities so that’s reassuring.

Another cool feature – literally – are the pinhole perforations that are all over the surface. They are designed to allow for as high a level of air flow as possible and should do a good job of keeping your hands cool – so perhaps these could be good summer driving gloves.

Of course, it could be hard to be truly water resistant when they are covered in tiny holes.