Husky Bucket Jockey


If your garage or working space looks like it could use some organization, why not try proper tool box organizers? Husky Bucket Jockey makes garage tool organization quick and easy as it stores a multitude of tools and supplies in one convenient place.

Made of 600 denier spun water-resistant material, this heavy-duty bucket caddie is ideal for various projects, including auto work, gardening and even fishing. There are 30 pockets in total, some of which are small enough to safely hold nails and pencils and some large enough to hold cleaning products, hammers and hand rakes. Most of the pockets are located on the outer side of the bucket, but some pouches are on the inside – these are the larger pockets, able to hold bulkier tools. Like most bucket toolboxes, this one too easily fits standard 5-gallon buckets, so no need to throw away that old can that’s collecting dust in your garage – recycle it by turning it into a super-convenient toolbox.

For those wondering about the durability,  you’ll be pleased to know that this product comes with a 3-year limited warranty.