HYB Canbus Slim Digital HID Ballast


Morimoto has a wide range of products in its arsenal, and each item is produced to provide excellent and unbeatable service. Their latest design is the H1 Morimoto kit HID system, which is one incredible system and is our final product in this lineu. This product is versatile in use and very efficient. It comes with all the typical features of an HID system with a few additional features that set it apart from popular models in the market. It is considered the most genuine Morimoto model by all its users and comes highly recommended for those seeking to change their halogen bulbs.  What’s more, it has been manufactured to replace all your energy-consuming bulbs, helping you save loads of money and also comes with ballasts and lamps that are highly compatible and very durable. These units can also be paired with various product selections to offer you the best performance you can ever receive.

The setup of this system is straightforward, as manufacturers provide you with the necessary instructions and equipment. With such a product you don’t need any external help thus you get to save more money. We love that the Morimoto kit has a double relay, heavy-duty harness because it prevents you from spending on an anti-flicker capacitor which are usually very expensive.