Hykolity 4FT 42W Linkable LED Shop Light


We will start our reviews with a strong candidate for the best garage lighting coming from Hykolity. This is a hanging LED light which means you mount it to hang from the ceiling and use the chain to adjust the desired height, but keep in mind that the manufacturer suggests keeping it anywhere from eight to sixteen feet. If you do not like hanging lights, then just forget that chain and mount it directly onto the ceiling – yes, it is that simple. Those that plan to lighten their entire garage will appreciate the fact that you get four linkable LED lights at an affordable price.

Each bulb has 3700 lumens of strength, consumes 42W of power, and comes with a pull cord that makes it a piece of cake to turn it on or off. They utilize 120V and produce a color temperature of 5000K, which ideally suits those looking for similarity to daylight. The quality of the components used is unmatchable on the market, and we particularly liked the composite steel that adds to the overall durability of the product.

Aside from mounting them in your garage, you can also use this product as shop lights or mount it in other work areas, such as basements, warehouses, or even equipment and recreation rooms. In short, 42W Linkable LED Shop Light with Pull Chain by Hykolity is suitable for all areas where you have strong lighting requirements.