HyLoft 01000 Multi-Tire Rack Storage


The HyLoft 01000 multi-tire rack storage enables you to add more room to your garage with little investment. With it’s easy to use features and versatility, this product an excellent unit for every household’s garage, as it helps attain organization when you need it. A unique solution for storing all your track tires and recreational tires, the HyLoft multi-tire rack features an easy installation process with easy to understand instructions. This storage unit can hold up to 400 lbs of tires of various sizes. It is a unit constructed to possess a long lifespan, thanks to the use of sturdy materials such as steel.

To install, you are simply required to attach the black master rail to the wall studs on unfinished or finished walls and the black rack rail into the master rail. The design of this HyLoft model makes adjustment possible from 34 inches up to 58 inches, even after installation is done. Other features of this wall mount tire rack are its back powder coat finish and chrome support tubes that ensure you rack durability and stability. Concerning pricing, HyLoft takes into great consideration the pockets of their clients, before coming out with every model. This is to ensure that those who need the products the most can afford it with ease. Finding another model better than this is close to impossible; thus, we encourage you to feature the HyLoft 01000 tire rack in your garage and benefit from its space provision abilities.