HyLoft Model 01012 Tire-Loft


The HyLoft 01012 tire loft model is one created by professionals to ‘do it all and do it well’. Its dependable and robust design provides users with incredible value for money and total versatility. This tire storage rack is as multi-functional as its partner above and can easily double up as a workbench for your work shed or garage. It features an adjustable width of 36 inches which can be regulated up to 48 inches to store all your valuable gear. Constructed from sturdy and durable steel, the HyLoft multi-tire storage system is usually spotted with a scratch-resistant red powder coat finish for its classic signature look. 

Installation for this unit is easy to understand and undertake in a matter of seconds as you’re only required to connect the steel end frames to the wall studs directly. No matter the type of tires you have, be it track-day tires or RV tires, the TireLoft will comfortably accommodate four of them. This frees up a substantial amount of space for you in your garage at no extra cost. Bring back structure and order to your life by starting in your backyard or garage. Get yourself the HyLoft tire storage unit which has been crafted to last a lifetime and experience what free garage space looks like once again.