Hypergiant LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture


20W Utility Shop Light by Hypergiant offers a similar option to the previous LED lights we reviewed manufactured by Barrina. The difference is that you get two more bulbs in this packaging but at a slightly higher price. Although you get eight LED shop lights, keep in mind that you can only wire six of them together, which means you either need a separate installation for the remaining two fixtures or you can opt to keep them in reserve.

These garage ceiling lights produce 2200Lm of brightness at a surprising level of color temperature set at 6,500K. As you can see, the con of this item is that it delivers a lot of heat, but the advantage is that it has low energy consumption with only 20W of power usage. Granted, 2200Lm per fixture is not a lot of light, but if you combine the six tubes carefully, you can get appropriate modern-sized garage ceiling lights that are incredibly efficient.