Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler


Wagan’s take on a portable refrigerator leaves nothing to be desired. Twenty-four liters of space, a convenient folding carry handle, and a generous cord that lets you decide where to place this in your car. Wagan’s model also comes with our favorite feature, a hidden operations panel. Flip it up to use the hot or cold setting, and avoid the mistake of flipping a switch while in motion. We found some gent’s horrible story about how he kicked the switch on a different model while driving, and arrived at the beach with six cans of piping hot soda.

But Wagan’s innovative design doesn’t end there. The heating and cooling element is contained in the lid, which allows for faster dispersion to your contents. Heat rises, cold settles, and with Wagan, you don’t have a fan on the bottom that’s fighting against gravity. Last but not least, the range on this unit is fantastic. Anywhere from the freezing point of 32 F, all the way up to 140 F, which is perfect for maintaining hot food to nullify bacterial growth. A solid, inexpensive choice.