ILM Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


The Ilm motorbike helmet is a combination of protection and comfort on one side and modern technology on the other. Featuring Bluetooth technology, built-in speakers and an intercom, as well as a durable, comfortable construction of the helmet, this protective full face helmet is one of the best ones on the market.

The helmet has soft inner pads that ensure not only stability but comfort too. They’re completely removable and washable, which is always a plus, considering most motorbike rides tend to be hot and sweaty. Although fully padded and tight, the helmet has good airflow. As for the technology it sports, the built-in speakers allow riders to receive GPS voice instructions (like all modern helmets) while the noise-canceling microphone allows phone calls. Bluetooth means great music wherever you’re driving, while the intercom communication allows talking with fellow bikers (only those who use the same brand, though).

This helmet comes with a handy visor, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s not fog-resistant so make sure you have a spare one, fog-resistant visor if you plan on riding during rainy, foggy days.