Infantino Spiral Activity Car Seat Toy


The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is one of the top stroller toys for infants. Besides its amazing aesthetic appeal, this unit is developed to engage the brain, eyes, and hands of your little one. This jumpstarts their education while keeping them distracted. It is a unit made to children between 0 and 12 months; thus, the materials used for its construction are BPA free. This toy comes with four hanging playthings designed by children lovers for sensory interaction and fun. Attaching this is simple and less time consuming. It is easily attached to most strollers, car seat handles, as well as cribs. 

The grabbing and batting of this toy by your child are very standard. Such processes help them to reach exceptional sensory milestones, some of which include visual tracking and gross motor skill development. We recommend the Infantino activity toy for all individuals in need of an interactive toy that fully engages their kids at all times. It is simple in design, easy to attach and use, and extremely affordable for all budget groups.