Infinity REF – 9623ix


Up until now, we’ve discussed out put and bass – which is fine, because most people just want to know that their music is going to sound clear, that there will be no distortion at high volumes and that great bass beat in your favorite song will come through in all it glory.

But what if you are looking for a high fidelity audio product? What if clarity is your key demand from your speakers? Well, if you want to hear every note of your favorite songs then this could be the speaker for you. The Textile Tweeter & Super Tweeter used in this model are combined with a sub-woofer with larger cones than a similar sized model to provide unparalleled audio quality.

Price wise, well we mentioned above that JBL model was the second most expensive on the list, right – welcome to the most expensive! This pair of speakers costs more than double some of the others on this list. For that premium price however you are definitely getting a premium product.