INFRAY LED Flashlight


The Infray LED flashlight is also compact and practical, offering 220 lumens and more than seven hours of constant bright light. Every Infray pen light has an 80,000-hour lifespan and an adjustable beam that is capable of illuminating an area similar in length to two basketball fields. There are three different settings to choose from: high, low and strobe. The low setting provides 14 hours run time and the beam itself can be changed from wide to narrow depending on your needs. This focus system allows you to zoom in or zoom out by simply spinning the top section of the flashlight. When it comes to size, the Infray flashlight is 5.7 inches in length and was specifically designed for every day carry, making it a handy tool for mechanics, doctors and sports professionals.

The slim design also makes this product pocket-friendly and easy to pack inside your tool bag of choice.  The premium reflector lens is another great feature that delivers a focused and consistent  spill beam. Moreover, the military grade aluminum gives it a light yet durable quality so it does not get easily scratched or damaged if it falls on the ground.