INGEAR AutoXscape Window Breaker


As probably the most hardcore-looking option on our list, the INGEAR AutoXscape provides three features in one and comes ready and waiting for the worst to happen. This is a seatbelt cutter, window breaker and flashlight in a heavy-duty package. This car window breaker keeps working to save your life, even after you have escaped your vehicle. The outer shell is impact-resistant and created with military-grade aluminium, while the light comes with three modes, including an SOS mode that  helps you call for help should you be unable to use your voice.

The seatbelt cutter has a hardened carbon steel blade that cuts through fabric as though it’s butter, while the emergency window breaker is sharpened tungsten steel to make short work of your escape. Yet, the real cherry on top is the customer service provided by INGEAR. It states that its lifetime guarantee truly does mean a lifetime guarantee. If at any point your item fails to stop working (and you can and should test it regularly) it will repair or replace the item with no question. While this escape tool is one of the most expensive options, you can easily see why. This is quality and craftsmanship taken seriously so you have a handy tool you can use to save your own life.