Ingersoll Rand Air Nibbler


There are various types of nibblers, with the air nibbler being the most prevalent. If you are after an air nibbler that packs a punch when it comes to features, we have yet another fantastic metal nibbler machine as a part of our list. This product was created by a leading manufacturer of household appliances and equipment. It has been made to cater for all your cutting needs, without causing any damages or issues. Meet the Ingersoll Rand Air Nibbler. It is very simple to operate, as it comes with user-friendly features that help make the cutting process more comfortable. With the Ingersoll nibbler, there is a 6ft per minute cutting rate, which isn’t found in other products. The nibbler also cuts metals up to 16-gauge steel, as well as plastics and other metals.

The Ingersoll air nibbler holds a tight ΒΌ inch radius and offers 4200 strokes per minute. It features an angled head, which helps make the cutting process more accessible, while its ergonomic grip enhances comfortable usage all day long. Other ergonomic features include the low profile throttle lever and the front exhaust. We recommend this nibbler for those wishing to cut metals and plastics without experiencing distorted edges.