Ingersoll-Rand Air Ratchet Wrench


For those that are specifically looking for an Ingersoll Rand impact tool, this is our top pick for the manufacturer at the moment. Ingersoll Rand impact tools are often hard to find fault with and this air impact ratchet is a prime example of that. It manages to produce an inspiring 70 ft-lbs of torque when working at its maximum level along with 300 RPM free speed. Plus, we rate it on its 360 adjustable exhaust which means that users do not have to suffer from airflow being directed to their faces with the corresponding dirt and debris that often comes with it. It is, therefore, one of the safest cordless ratchet wrench tools on the market.

Additionally, other notable features to this air impact wrench are the push button throttle that allows operators to control their tool with ultimate ease. Plus, like other Ingersoll Rand impact tools, the manufacturers have dedicated their time to ensure that their tools are long lasting which has culminated in a unique and clever head design that not only produces a reliable performance, it also is highly durable.