InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser


This car diffuser has been designed with the perfect shape in mind. The handy vehicle cup holder design means that it’s simple to keep in place while you’re on the move. The car essential oil diffuser works with a USB connection so you simply plug it into your car to create beautiful scents in your vehicle and maintain a super fresh environment, free of moisture and odors. Unlike essential oil diffusers that are designed for the home, this particular model has the mist modes and switch buttons on the top so it’s easy to operate while driving. There are two modes on the diffuser: continuous and intermittent. This is a BPA-free product, which means that it does not contain bisphenol A – a harmful chemical that is often used in plastics. It also has a nice safety feature: the intelligent automatic off switch, which means that the machine won’t keep working “dry” when the liquid runs out. There are seven color-changing LED lights that can relieve fatigue driving or can be switched off if they are a distraction.