Innova 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


Many of the models of multimeter we’ve looked at on this list are not designed with cars and trucks in mind. Don’t worry, they will still do a great job on any vehicle, but it is nice to see that this Innova multimeter is specially designed to be used on vehicle based electrical systems.

That means it specially designed to pinpoint engine problems, whist also being able to protect itself from overloads. It has a temperature measure built in to measure resistance in circuits and it can also be used to test alternator diodes, breaker points and electrical switches – just about every component within the vehicle’s electrical system in fact.

It also has a number of highly practical features. For example, auto-ranging is built right in, which should be a huge time saver. We mentioned the overload protection but it also has built in safe guards against reverse polarity for an added level of protection.

This is a really well designed and well-made automotive multimeter. Of course, and here’s the kicker, when we describe things as well made and well designed, that is also code for expensive. This little tool is going to set you back in the region of 70 bucks. Not the most expensive on the list but certainly not the cheapest either. You are getting a very high quality, automotive specific tool for your hard earned cash however.