INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light


Another light timing model from Innova is the Innova 3551 Inductive Timing Light. This is an entry-level timing light kit that is a must-have for every tune-up kit. It works well with many ignition systems, such as conventional, DIS, computer controlled and electronic systems, and is compatible with both domestic and imported ignition systems. This inductive timing light is an efficient yet straightforward way of checking for electronic advance/retard, diagnosing a no-spark condition, checking timing, and more.

Just like other models from Innova, this timing light features a slim, rotating barrel to provide users with an improved aim at the timing mark. A better aim means that all areas that were once hard to reach will instantly become accessible, which makes the Innova 3551 an excellent piece of equipment. Being highly versatile, this is a timing light that doesn’t require any prior knowledge in automobiles. It features a plug and plays mechanism that is simple to use and won’t need a lot of your time. The metallic nature prevents it from melting if it touches the exhaust manifold accidentally. It also features detachable leads that make way for quick setting up and compact storage whenever you require it.

This Innova timing light is lightweight and encourages operations with the use of a single hand. There is an additional feature of a protective hand guard that protects the user from electrocution. The final feature possessed by the Innova 3551 is the patented skip circuitry test that enables you to measure up to 9990 rpm.