INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light


The Innova 3568 should meet all your timing needs. Uniquely built with a bright digital LCD readout display and a split-screen, you will be able to check Dwell, tachometer and all other advanced functions you need simultaneously from a single screen. The split screen makes the adjustment of a reading advance dial a straightforward task, which results most often in you having a better position to adjust the distributor accurately.

The Innova 3568 timing light is compatible with most imported and domestic ignition systems, as it allows the checking of all forms of operations, from those controlled by computers to the conventional and electronic. Work anywhere with ease, from large surfaces to tight areas, as this timing light is easily adaptable, thanks to its slim and rotating barrel. These features also help make it adjustable for a better aim at the timing mark. Check all your retard applications, base timing, mechanical advance, electrical advance or retard accurately using the Innova 3568 digital timing light.

Other extra features of this timing bright include a protective hand guard suitable for one-hand operation, inductive pickup and a patented skip circuitry test up to 9990rpm. Maximum fuel economy is ensured, together with peak engine performance when the proper ignition timing is achieved. The Innova is a timing light crafted for the stubborn do-it-yourselfer.