INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light


The Innova 5568 is the best option for anyone seeking a sturdy and professional timing light. Regarding compatibility, this timing light can be used with most foreign and domestic ignition systems where timing on conventional, electronic, and computer controlled systems can be checked with ease. It is designed professionally for DIY fans and mechanics who are continually dealing with setting the ignition timing of automobiles. This means that the Innova is a tool that is of great importance to people who own mechanic shops as it will enable you to set the ignition timing on various appliances and vehicles reliably and with ease. This timing light will stand up to daily use and features an ABS, heavy-duty, shockproof housing that offers extra protection through its molded boot from the engine fan blades.

The Innova 5568 ignition timing light comes with a plastic storage case and detachable 6-foot leads with an inductive pickup that encourages quick and easy setup and storage. It helps mechanics and regular car owners diagnose a no-spark condition, check timing, and more. To see easily in extremely dark places, the Innova light features a backlit screen as well as a slim, rotating barrel to improve your timing mark aim. There are also four digital function readouts with this timing light. With its patented skip circuitry, this timing light can check both four-cycle and two-cycle engines and tests up to 9990rpm, which is enhanced performance for this kind of schedule light.

The Innova Pro Timing light requires a simple plug and play to operate, making it easy to use. With secure storage and setup, it comes as no surprise that this timing light is among our top picks.