Innova Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


An Innova multimeter is always good to see, as Innova is another company with a well-earned reputation for producing great tools. Unlike Fluke, they also have a rep for producing tools that you don’t have to remortgage the family farm to buy. They’ve kept up that strong tradition here with a model that boasts a lot of useful features for a very low price tag.

The very first thing we have to point out is the fact that this is a digital multimeter with built in auto range and also with a price tag of under 20 bucks. It’s only just under, true, but you get still get change from a twenty which is superb value for any device with auto ranging.

Other than that it is very easy to use with an intuitive color-coded display/built in LEDs that almost walk you through the operation of the device. It is UL safety certified, has a neat little built in stand and a really big display that is nice and easy to read. It’s a pretty basic, entry-level design, but it will still do quite a lot for a relatively small amount of money.