Innovate Motorsports MTX Digital Series Dual Function Boost Gauge Kit


Stay innovative with your vehicle and allow the operations of your car to differ from all other cars by investing in quality tools and accessories. Over the years, car owners have come across a wide range of gauge kits, each one promising to be more efficient than the last. The constant provision has broadened the market and, ultimately, left many of us confused about how to identify the perfect gauge system. It is for this reason that this article exists, and also why we are introducing you to the Innovate Motorsports Gauge Kit. This is a lightweight system out together for dual purposes.

The Innovate autometer boost gauge offers a digital display and the use of LEDs which make its operations more fun. We love that it features a progressive shift light, overboost warning, and a single-stage shift light. The dual functions of this unit offer you a higher value for money, which is tough to find. You can sue this unit in moisture, thanks to its 52 mm water resistance. It offers the most straightforward installation procedure and can also be connected to your PC, IPAD, IPhone, and so on.