Interco Super Swamper Irok Tire


Choose only the best tires for your cars, if you wish to experience stability, control, and safety. In the vehicle accessory market today, there are thousands of tire manufacturers, each promising to have the bestselling tires around. The availability of such numbers often makes selection difficult for buyers, especially when they have no clue the vital features to look out for. This often results in car owners purchasing models with reduced quality continuously within the year. With the Super Swamper brand, a single purchase can last for years, with no need for a change. Such possibilities allow you to save money for other activities, which can be beneficial to other aspects of your life. Our first Super Swamper tire under review is the Irok Non-Directional tire.

Trusted professionals have designed Interco super swamper with an in-depth understanding of vehicles and their needs. The tires are designed to suit the severe off-roader to have a comfortable and extras smooth ride on all terrains. This is a tire that is very similar in design to the IROK radial tire model. The difference is a little design twist which involves the outside lugs of the Irok ND tire. Whereas the irok radial tire has directional lugs, the ND model features non directional lugs. Other features included in the design of this tire include the extra tight cords, molded siping, and a unique construction sidewall system which makes it the perfect all-round product for your vehicle.