Ironclad Ranchworkx RWG2-04-L


Our penultimate item, and we’ve had to wait this long for a Kevlar work glove. Saying that however is kind of unfair to this glove. Yes, it contains Kevlar, which is cool. But this is a very well thought out design that is packed with other features.

For example, the bulk of the glove is actually of leather construction. It is treated leather though, which resists shrinking from moisture contact. It’s fear of the water is leathers big let down as a glove material, so it’s great to see Ironclad tackle it here. In addition, they have a patented design to the fingertips that essentially rolls the material over them for extra tough reinforcement.

Speaking of reinforcement, that is where the Kevlar is deployed. You’ll find it in the fingertips and palm, the areas where it is most needed. Leather and Kevlar are of course going to combine for a glove that is extremely tough! The cuff is elasticized and made of softer material, helping to make the glove very flexible and also surprisingly lightweight given the high levels of leather and Kevlar used.

This is a premium glove with a premium price tag to boot, but you are getting a seriously well-designed work glove for your money here.