Irwin Tools 117 Piece Deluxe Tap & Die Set


Our next entry is this huge tap and die set from Irwin Tools. Not only is this the largest case to make the list, boasting an incredible 117 pieces, it is also by far the most expensive. It’s clearly a premium kit with a premium price tag, but does it justify the cost?

In terms of diversity of bits, taps and die sizes this can’t be beat. As we said this is by far the biggest kit on the list, so it really has all sizes covered. It also has a great selection of tap wrenches and pitch gauges all packed neatly up in a well-designed case. The high carbon steel construction is another strong justification for that price tag.

Are there any arguments against the price tag? Yeah, there are a few. Of the 117-piece kit, 41 of those pieces are drill bits. If you already have good power tools in your armory, you probably already have a good drill bit set. This is a very good set of premium tap and die tools. Just make sure that if you are investing the money in it you’re not duplicating anything you already own.