Irwin Tools Drill Press Vise


The Irwin Tools Drill Press is a great grasping tool that works well at securing your workpiece steadily and firmly, enabling you to drill into it. This drill press vise is reinforced with appropriately textured jaw clamps that hold your workpiece securely in place during drilling. With a 4.5-inch jaw capacity, you can use this drill press vise for almost any suitable drilling task as it is wide enough to accommodate most workpieces. It offers a strong and durable build made with forged iron, ensuring that it can be used for diverse drilling tasks without worrying about damage to the tool.

Regardless of its durable build, it’s surprisingly very lightweight and portable allowing you to carry it around and set it up with ease. The jaw clamps are generously equipped with 1,000-pound grasping pressure that ensure your workpiece will be firmly held in place and also making it suitable for any lightweight drilling task you need to carry out.