Irwin Tools Lineman Pliers 2078209


These Irwin North American Lineman’s Pliers are exceptionally designed and developed for comfort. Like many other pliers created by the company, these pliers feature heavy-duty and durable nickel chromium steel construction for longevity. To reduce hand fatigue, engineers and design professionals put together an ergonomic handle that comes with extra comfortable ProTouch grips. The cutting edge of these pliers, due to their induction hardening, stays sharper and functional for longer.

The jaws of the Irwin Lineman pliers have been machined to provide them with maximum gripping strength, and the entire unit is built to meet and exceed ANSI specifications. The Irwin Vise-Grip pliers, like many other tools produced by the brand, come with a lifetime guarantee. They take away all forms of hand fatigue and enable you to remove all screws, bolts, and nuts with little to no effort.