Ivation Powerful Small-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier


The small size of the Ivation Dehumidifier is well suited, due to its compact nature, for spaces with an area up to 1100 cubic feet. Don’t be deceived by its tiny size, as the DehumMini is big on power. You can use this unit in areas such as the basement, closet, RV, car, home, crawl space, bedroom, bathroom, and other small or tiny spaces. It features a washable air filter and a removable 17 oz — the water tank that has a full tank indicator light, developed by Ivation to signal the user that it’s time for the reservoir to be emptied. You’ll never hear a purr from this dehumidifier, as it utilises the Peltier module technology. Another benefit of this unit is its lightweight nature, thanks to the use of a thermos electronic technology for operations, that makes no need for a compressor.

If you think using a frying pan is easy, then wait till you experience the Ivarion DehumMini! It’s straightforward to use. You’re only required to click in the removable water-collection reservoir securely, before sticking it in any space that needs to be dehumidified. This unit has been designed to shut down automatically when it reaches full capacity. After its shutdown, the dehumidifier uses its LED indicator to remind you to empty the water tank.