Ivation Powerful Thermo-Electric Intelligent Dehumidifier


One might think the Ivation Mid-Size Intelligent Dehumidifier is a watered-down version of a bigger unit, but that is entirely false. This mid-sized machine is a highly effective unit in its own right and has been developed by Ivation as a compact appliance built around the powerful and whisper-quiet Peltier technology, which doesn’t require the use of moving parts. This unit is the epitome of perfection, small, powerful, lightweight, highly effective at drying up humid spaces, low on energy and ultimately, featuring a long lifespan.

The humidistat of the Ivation mini dehumidifier stands supreme as one of its amazing highlights. Dehumidifiers tend to work non-stop without a humidistat, wearing out the power adapters while wasting tons of energy. With this unit having a humidistat, the user can set their preferred relative humidity level thus, if the relative humidity exceeds your desired level, the dehumidifier for camper is turned on automatically. When there is a 5% decrease of the relative humidity in comparison to your desired level, the Ivation dehumidifier is automatically turned off.

Another highlight of this unit is its two-litre capacity water reservoir, which is also removable. With such a capacity, you’re not subjected to daily emptying of an overflowing water tank, enabling you to make time for other fun activities during your holiday. When the reservoir is full, however, the unit shuts down automatically, and just like other models enlisted, an indicator light flashes to remind the user to empty the tank.