Iwata 5552 LVLP Spray Gun


We have one word for you: atomization. And the Iwata Gun in question ensures that this process is carried out perfectly due to this device’s low air consumption and other stunning features, making this model sought after by professionals everywhere. You don’t often hear of a Spray Gun claiming to be environmentally friendly, yet Iwata’s manufacturers rightly claim that the tulip spray pattern it produces thanks to patented LV technology, therefore producing less overspray, therefore makes it so.

This is the only HVLP Spray Gun we’ve chosen to review alongside our specifically selected LVLP models – and it’s up beside the market front runners for a reason. The manufacturer is so confident of its success that it offers a one-year warranty on both the material and workmanship. And what’s more, the aluminum body and cup keep the spray gun in prime condition for many years.