J-B Weld MinuteWeld Glue


The J-B Weld MinuteWeld Instant-Setting Epoxy Syringe is most suitable for tile but can be used on stone, glass, most plastics, wood, and metal. Its a super-strong adhesive, and once it sets it is as strong as steel. It will, therefore, work just fine on a rearview mirror. This MinuteWeld is a two-part e-poxy, so the hardener and resin are in separate parts of the tube. This is done so that the glue does not get stuck to the inside of the tube. Purchasers, therefore, are tasked with mixing the two substances, when the glue is about to be used. The mixture will thereby serve as the extra durable adhesive that will be used on the desired surface, despite the fact that it has not been created specifically for the purpose, it will rival any rear view mirror glue in the market.

Each purchase comes with one carded syringe that holds 25m of the substances. This glue is most ideal for smaller repairs and fixes, but it will also work just as well with DIYs as long as users are cautions of the instruction from the manual. Ultimately, this adhesive if used correctly will get the job done with no hassles at all.