JACO ElitePro Pressure Gauge


With excellent range between 0 and 75 psi, you’ll get some of the benefits of a digital gauge, coupled with the accuracy of a dial window. Glow in the dark backing allows you to see your tire pressure no matter what, while the bendable and sturdy construction of the flexible hose ensures no slip-ups. RHINO is built for performance and durability under any circumstance, and they guarantee a five star experience.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, or 100% of your money gets returned to you. Snap this on and use the certified accuracy to best test your tire pressure. Brass makes up the working parts, allowing a 360 swivel for maximum control and comfortability when in use. Made in the United States, and comes with a full lifetime warranty. These are by a father and son company in California, and they want to ensure you’re happy as can possibly be with assurance that it’s love it or leave it.