JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump


This little compressor is sturdy enough to withstand long-term storage in a boot if you’re only looking for an emergency compressor.

However, it’s also efficient enough to keep on hand in the garage for use in everyday projects like sports balls, bike tires and topping off already inflated tires that may have lost a little air.

It’s in performing that last function that this little tool really stands out from the crowd, due to the high degree of accuracy it brings with it’s pressure read outs. Accurately inflating tires can really add to their lifespan as well as making your car easier and safer to drive. It can really pay therefore to choose a compressor with accurate readouts, and this one comes with exactly that.

It must be noted as well that you will typically also get excellent customer service from JACO. They are easy to communicate with and happy to resolve any issues which is a nice touch to accompany this excellent product.