James D. Haldeman – Automotive Technology


This next book is one that focuses on courses that are related to automotive technology. It has in-depth knowledge of the principles of automotive technology, its diagnosis, and also, automotive service. It also focuses on giving students the required information and outlines related to the above automotive topics. This further serves as a reference point for advanced technicians to refer back to and delivers the most efficient knowledge that is required for certification in automotive service excellence, and is still effective for readers to use.

All the topics in the James D. Haldeman — Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis, and Service (5th Edition) are conveniently illustrated and broken down into short sections that are guaranteed to give learners an easy-to-read coverage of the trade, and as a guiding tool, to ensure maximum efficiency when practicing. James D. Haldeman, the author, has over 20 years of automotive service experience and has delivered countless seminars on the subject of automotive technology, which makes his publication a certified outstanding one for students and general readers.