Jbberth Car Seat Belt Covers


Children love unicorns, just as parents love safety and security. The JBBERTH Car Seat Belt Cover offers both with its beautiful construction and design. A single purchase provides you with two pieces of covers for your seat belts. The covers are made from modern, innovative cotton fabrics, which are soft to touch, absorbent, breathable, and highly elastic. Regular use of this cover does not affect its durability since it doesn’t deform or maintain any odors. The JBBERTH cover is easy to install and requires no extra tools. It is easy to open and close and can also be folded for the perfect fit. 

The best feature we love about this unit is its designs. The JBBERTH belt seat belt pads make use of new cartoons that entice children and adults alike. This, together with its durable construction, ensures that you always have fun while remaining safe and comfortable in your vehicle.