JBL GTO939 Premium Co-Axial Speaker


JBL are one of the biggest names in Audio – although you may not necessarily know them. They provide high quality audio installations in places like cinemas, sports stadiums and music venues.

What do all of these places have in common? That’s right – they are loud! So it should be no surprise that now JBL have branched out into car audio, their offering in the field is going to bring the noise – literally!

Ok, 300 Watts Max Power is not the highest on this list – but it is not the raw power these speakers can boast, but rather how they use it that make them so impressive. They employ extra large Cones, which basically translate to powerful vibrations, which equals a louder speaker than you would expect for a unit this size.

They are not cheap – they are in fact the second most expensive on this list. But for that investment you get a heck of a lot of speaker with frankly outstanding audio playback.