JEGS High Top Creeper

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The JEGS High Top Creeper is a great option if you’re looking for a premium topside creeper that offers better reach, better visibility, and better versatility. This product can hold up to 400 pounds of weight, making it suitable for plenty of users of all kinds. And it can adjust to offer you the angles and the height you need. It adjusts in height from 45.5 to 60.5 inches, and it can collapse down to 24 x 30 x 59 inches for storage.

The padded deck, which measures 18 x 12 x 2 inches in size, offers comfort while you work — and you can adjust its angle too. The creeper sits on four 3-inch casters and wheels, with two of the casters able to lock in place for added stability. You’ll get convenient versatility thanks to many adjustment points and lasting quality with a durable build.

Key Features

  • Height adjusts from 45.5 to 60.5 inches

  • Offers 48 inches of height

  • Sits on four casters for mobility

  • Two locking casters offer stability

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Weight

    66 pounds


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Our final choice is not the tallest or the most flexible in height but is more of a “helping hand” than a full stepladder. Thus, it is brilliant for taller cars but is ideally suited for more domestic and one-off purposes than for commercial use. That said, this stand-up creeper is still a great choice for many mechanics and hobbyists alike.

It has been made with heavy-duty materials and has a surprisingly high weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, allowing you to work on your cars without fear of bends or wobbles during your toil. The padded upper is still comfortable to work with, while the additional padding around the sides keeps your car free from scratches. It also weighs less and is still foldable, making it ideal for when you need to place it away after a hard day working on your vehicle.