Jj Cole Head Support Black


JJ Cole has launched its most exceptional product yet! Meet the JJ Cole Head Support, a great product made to keep your child’s head intact and rightly positioned at all times. It is made with breathable and durable fabrics which include cotton and polyester. This system is an imported product that delivers the ultimate comfort to children of all ages. We love that it has an adjustable design, as this means that the unit will grow with your baby. This stylish newborn car seat head support does a magnificent job of protecting your baby’s delicate neck and head. It features two separate pieces, meant for different growth stages of your infant. 

An included feature which we find fascinating is the breathable embroidered knit fabrics and the soft velvet which adds a touch of style and comfort to the unit. Cleaning is also straightforward and simple since the system can be placed in a washing machine at any time. We recommend this unit for all new parents who want their child to grow without any aches and pains in a well-protected environment. The JJ Cole head and neck support do this and many more.