Jl Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofer


JL Audio has also earned a place on our list, thanks to its sturdy and powerful shallow subwoofer. The 10-inch design can deliver more bass than its eight-inch counterparts, while its dual 4-ohm voice coils make for a rich, yet clean sound. Inside, a clever ‘concentric tube’ structure is built into the speaker’s injection-molded cone body. This structure allows for a substantial voice coil, and full annular spider, without taking up the space that regular subwoofers do.

Once installed, the speaker is built to last. Thanks to a cast alloy frame, and aluminum-alloy dust cap, all inner components are protected against the wear and tear of daily driving. Each speaker includes a full one-year warranty and is built to a high standard of quality in Miramar, Florida. Drivers say the speakers sound powerful yet crisp in practice and are impressed with their power given the relatively small size.